Restaurant in the hotel "Zaporozka Sich"

Restaurant "Zaporozka Sich"


Restaurant / Kitchen

   Let’s talk about our restaurant, hall has 150 seats for  person ,is equipped with soft chairs, sofas, wide tables for your comfort. Tables for two perfectly are suitable for a cozy breakfast of loving couple, soft sofas with a panoramic view of mountains. Decoration  of restaurant is executed in the European style with Huzul color. Large panoramic windows overlooking mountains,they are can decorate your ingestion both in the morning and in the evening with a cup of coffee . 

   Menu of restaurant includes all Ukrainian and Huzul traditions.Also we have  Show-window with different kinds of cakes .And we have very tasty pizza!so yummy! In  menu there are also many drinks. Tasty, spicy herbal teas collected in ithe mountains, and big choice of coffee.

   If you for any reasons do not want to go to restaurant, you can always order delivery  food and drinks directly to number. For implementation of this option, rather initially to specify at the administrator — phone of restaurant, or to call the administrator and to report to him about the preferences, perform this action it is necessary to specify at the administrator — phone of restaurant, or to call the administrator and to report to him about  order. Restaurant  open till 22:00.



  The big choice of different drinks will pleasantly surprise any gourmet.  Wide bar couter, convenient bar chaiers.

To alcoholic beverages we can offer a set of tasty snack from our kitchen. 

To cognac or brandy-chocolate, there are different cheeses for wine or Martini, the list can be continued very long. Even the most skillful fans will evaluate our menu.

If you for some reason do not want to go to a restaurant, you can always order delivery of drinks directly to your room. To implement this option, it is enough to initially check with the administrator – the phone bar, or call the administrator himself and inform him of your preferences.


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Urochische Vyshnia Area 319, Bukovel, 77221, Ukraine